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Corporate Video

FSB - Premium Door Handle Manufacturer

In our enduring partnership with FSB, we produced a range of videos including brand videos, product videos, tutorials, and documentaries. Our collaboration resulted in winning the prestigious "if communication design award" in 2009 for"Doorhandles - Handle Duos"). Lately our main focus was to transfer knowledge to the client's marketing team, enabling them to strategically plan video content aligned with the customer's buying journey. We conducted workshops, on-site coaching, and practical hands-on video training to empower the client's staff in producing in-house videos.

Lamigraf, S.A. – Printed Decor Paper

Lamigraf supplies furniture manufacturers and interior designers worldwide through factories in Spain, China, Germany and Brazil. We have accompanied Lamigraf in various projects. This is about a series of five B2B product videos. Topic is the derivation of seasonal decors from contemporary lifestyle trends and associated color schemes.

VHV – Insurance, Germany

We worked for VHV over a longer period of time developing and producing video formats for broker communication. The most important project was Get-More-TV, a web format with the TV presenter Birte Karalus, which we developed and produced for 5 episodes.


IGBCE – Trade Union, Germany

20-minute documentary on the occasion of a generational change to communicate complex content and sometimes controversial messages to the client's member base. I was hired by IGBCE (a German trade union) as an external consultant to develop and execute a campaign for a humane and fair working environment. The project was led by Yasmin Fahimi, now Chairwoman of the DGB. The campaign included print, video, and event formats, with the video premiere held in Annweiler, Germany. The video plot focused on knowledge transfer, fair wages, development opportunities, intergenerational justice, and gender equality in local companies.

Explanatory Video

SPD – Social Democratic Party, Germany

Motivational, explanatory video for the opening of the thematic block "Shaping Germany's work" at the federal party conference of the SPD with the main topics of "Digitisation and Work 4.0".

IGBCE – German Mining, Chemical and Energy Workers' Union

We developed fictional stories for several nationwide campaigns for the IGBCE and then produced short films and radio plays with professional actors. The aim was to activate the works councils and employees in the IGBCE sectors for sensitive topics. In this particular case we developed a story the dangers of work-related stress illnesses and what can be done about them.

Tutorial Video

Montblanc – Visual Merchandising Guideline

How can you ensure consistent, high-quality branding at hundreds of P.O.S.? How can you influence sales targets for certain product categories? With the help of a trainer, we filmed the "Visual Merchandising" guidelines so that staff in Montblanc boutiques worldwide can visually understand how a sales-promoting presentation of specific products should look and how custom-made displays and holders should be mounted and positioned. The videos were made available on a password-protected internal web portal.

Portrait Video

Marta Gomez Pons – Candidate

Marta Gomez Pons is a mountain engineer specializing in fire and environmental protection for municipalities in Catalonia. In this portrait video, the citizens of her home town of Cabrils get to know their future mayor better: What are her values, beliefs and goals? I developed an extensive list of questions for the development of the story. This was followed by filming authentic situations in a documentary style. The final story was then built from the recorded material in the editing process. A speech by the candidate, whose text I drafted too, was used as the narrative. The video is part of a communication strategy and campaign, which I designed together with a team. It was presented on public events and online. The video could also be accessed using QR codes printed on T-shirts that election campaigners wore to special events on the streets of the municipality.

Ads And Commercials

Business Location Lower Saxony – TV commercials

We developed and produced nine TV commercials with 90-second portraits of companies in Lower Saxony on behalf of the marketing agency of the state of Lower Saxony, in cooperation with Novo Film GmbH. These included features on offshore wind energy, electromobility, autonomous driving, data processing and the production of aromatic substances. In addition to the recognizability of the format, it was important to the client to show unmistakable characteristics of the location and its people.


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