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“HOW TO CREATE A WELL STRUCTURED MOOD BOARD” video course presented by Gudy Herder – Trailer from Bureau of Stories on Vimeo.

Have you ever been stuck in a creative process facing lack of clarity? Do you love moodboarding but you put your images together in a rather intuitive way?

Please check out our landing page for the video course to get all information about the video course and download a FREE e-book featuring 10 creative mood board ideas curated by Gudy Herder.

In this clip trend expert Gudy Herder ( gives an introduction to her video course on “How to create a well structured moodboard”. She has been using mooodbaords for more than a decade and teaches this technique in on-site workshops with excellent feedback.

You’ll get an comprehensive overview on what moodboarding is about and how you can benefit by using this technique properly.

This video course is for you if:
– you want to learn how to get a simple and beautiful message through your moodboards
– you want to get clarity in a creative process.

Clarity comes from engagement and action. And putting a moodboard together will help you focus down. Maybe you remember that cluttered messages confuse people and make you lose clients.

This extensive course contains 18 video clips including:
– a 3 steps program to plan, execute and follow-up on your moodboard
– 8 techniques to create a well structured moldboard you probably have never thought of before
– a life moodboarding session
– tips & tricks and loads of visual inspiration

Moodboarding is a great and often underestimated tool for any creative project. Let´s sum up some thoughts on how you can benefit by creating you own moodboards.

If you are multi passionate having many ideas floating around, it’s a great way to help you focus down, get clarity and commit to the design process itself.

You will safe a lot of time (and money) when working on a project, starting pinning down your inspirations in a structured way right from the beginning.
Misunderstandings between you and your client are drastically reduced when working together on a moodboard where concepts are stated in a very visual way.
Moodboarding is an ongoing process being flexible and can be modified at any stage.
Mood boards are a great possibility to express yourself creatively. You don´t have to be a designer neither an artist. Everyone can learn this technique.
Your mood boards are personal, therefore authentic, and they help you to stand out.

FSB auf der Architektur Biennale 2014 from Bureau of Stories on Vimeo.

Der Film zeigt Impressionen von der Architekturbiennale 2014 in Venedig. Stararchitekt und Kurator Rem Kohlhaas hatte den Türdrückerhersteller FSB (Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co. KG) eingeladen, für die Halle der Türen im Rahmen der Ausstellung „Elements of Architecture“ 300 historische und zeitgenössische Türklinken auszuwählen und zu präsentieren, die die Geschichte des oft unterschätzten architektonischen Elementes repräsentieren.

Weiterhin schlendert der Film durch die Ausstellungen „Arsenale“, besucht einige Länderpavillons und endet in einem historischen Palazzo direkt am Canale Grande.

Der Film wird von FSB im Rahmen von Events mit Architekten in Kinos in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz gezeigt.

Produktion: Bureau of Stories, 2014.

Wir sind da! from Bureau of Stories on Vimeo.

Portrait about two works councils at “Buchmann Kartonfabrik” in Annweiler (near Ludwigshafen). Client: (german trade union). Shot with Lumix GH2. PostPro with Final Cut X. Cameraman Jörg Zschimmer. Produced in 2012.

Taller de tendencias & moodboarding from Bureau of Stories on Vimeo.

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